What is (The) Geek Hobbyist?

We decided to create this site as a way to document specific processes or events that we would like a written account of.  There’s really no specific audience we’re looking to entertain–this is purely for our own record keeping.  That said, we’re hoping that if you stumble upon this webpage, for whatever reason, you find some use in it.  Our main purpose in posting here is to allow other people to find information about a certain task that we needed to perform, but could not find one centralized collection of relevant details.  Hopefully the magic google search robots do their job and make it available to the general public.

What will you find here?

Well, the topic tabs up top should kind of spell it out.  Expect to see mostly computer and modeling (as in railroad, aircraft, cars) related posts from Thomas.  Food, photos, and sewing will primarily be written by Amani.  If it’s worth writing about, it’ll get a mention.

-td & Amani

thomas logo amani logo


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