Garage Overhaul

We worked on a few projects over the last few months but weren’t able update the blog (read:lazy). The biggest of these projects was our overhaul of the garage. When we bought the house, the garage was pretty barren (bare drywall and cement floor) except for wire shelving running floor to ceiling on either side. Unfortunately, the previous owners decided to rip the shelving out and take it with them when they left. Yay for buying a house for the first time!

Anyways, we knew we wanted to clean up/fix up the garage enough so that Thomas would have nice space to do his computer and woodworking projects. We thought this meant patching a few holes in the wall and throwing on a coat of paint, but like most projects we start, we got ambitious. It began to grow after someone told us “Your garage is the first thing you see when you get home – it should some place welcoming and a part of the house.” And so began a project that spanned about six months (we only work on it during Thomas’ breaks from school; it is more like 4-5 weeks of actual work).



  • Cleaned out all the crap that’s been collecting for the last year ◦Moved everything to living room. It was pain to walk through the downstairs for the next two weeks.
    • Removed the existing utility sink and donated it to a co-worker
  • Patched all the holes in the wall with spackle including smoothing out seams on the heating duct
  • Applied an initial coat of paint – Eggshell White
    • However, Thomas wanted some color so we used the Behr paint picker to figure out what we wanted
    • We ended up with Mother Nature for the walls, Hampton Green for the ceiling, and Melted Chocolate for beams.
  • Installed new light kits for the overhead lighting
  • Installed new Closetmaid wire shelving along either side of the garage
  • Cleared out the remaining furniture out in order to scrub and etch the floor with acid.
  • Painted floor with Rust-oleum epoxy shield (tan) for 2.5 car garage
    • This step was really fast and a lot easier than I thought it would be. The final effect was impressive.
  • Left the garage door open for the next 48 hours to let the epoxy harden
  • Hung up hooks for ladders and yard tools – double arm storage hooks

At this point, Thomas ran out of vacation time, so we emptied out our living room again by stocking up our shelves. We didn’t have time to install the new utility sink or build the new cabinetry we bought, but those are projects for winter break.


The floor was dirty after three months of parking the car in winter, but thanks to the epoxy we put down in August, all we need to do was pour hot water on the floor and brush the dirt out.

  • Bought kerosene heater for working in the cold garage. This made the garage very, very cozy to work in.
  • Unloaded content from shelves and sorted all the content ◦Bought small plastic shoeboxes for small things (99 cents at Home Depot)
    • Home depot cardboard boxes for larger things
  • Built new tool cabinet and shoe rack. Then attached a shelf for a computer workstation.
  • Bought and installed a chest freezer
  • Bought bulk carpeting from the Home Depot for underneath the car (cheap 59 cent/sq. foot carpeting)


  • Installing the sink and backsplash (a silver kick plate for a door)
  • Repairing dent I made in the center pole using the car door


Success! A few neighbors stop by the night we were painting the floor to check it out. Most were impressed by the paint job mainly because they had never considered painting their garage something nice. Thomas worked on a few projects in the garage since we fixed it up and it’s actually been nice to curl up on the rug with a blanket and keep him company.

– Amani


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