This article provides a step-by-step how-to guide for setting up your Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus (i917) as a personal wifi hotspot.  With the introduction of Mango, wifi tethering functionality was introduced (and is available by default through the HTC RADAR and similar new phones), but those of us with older handsets will not be able to use it without manually enabling it.

Consider this procedure experimental.  It’s known to work on the Focus, but may not work on other phones.  Regardless, caution is advised.

Ensure that your phone is running Windows Phone 7.5 (version 7720 or higher).

First, it is required to unlock your phone.  Here are the general instructions:

1) Open up your Samsung WP7’s browser and head to

2) Click “WindowBreak Me”

3) Tap on “windowbreak” (part of it is obscured, but there should be an arrow pointing at it)

4) A browser window should open up. Ignore it.

5) Go to the dialer and dial ##634#

6) A diagnostics keypad should appear. Dial *#9908#

7) Select “windowbreak” from the dropdown list

8) Press Save and reboot the device to restore your data settings.

Next, ensure you have the latest install  of the Zune software for your Windows computer:

After that, install the Windows Phone Developer Tools (vm_web.exe):  This will install Visual Studio Express for Windows Mobile.  We don’t care about that, but we need access to the Application Deployment client, which is included.

From the XDA Forums, download:

Samsung Tools

DiagProvXML v.09

The Samsung Tools archive that you downloaded contains a .xap file that we want extracted.  However, the DiagProvXML zip file is a container for many other smaller files.  The .zip extension should be changed to .xap for our installation.

Connect your Samsung Focus via USB cable to the computer and ensure the Zune software is running with a sync relationship.  Open up the Application Deployment client from Windows and deploy Samsung Tools and DiagProvXML to your phone.

Run the newly installed DiagProvXML application.  Swipe the screen left to “iso store” and click and hold “internet sharing.”  When the menu comes up, choose Execute.  Close the DiagProvXML application by using the back button until the home screen is reached.  At this point, your 3G connection is broken.

Open up the Samsung Tools application.  Do not change settings here, but rather just hit the Apply Changes button to restore the 3G functionality of your phone.  The application will request a reboot.  Allow it to do so.

In the settings menu, “internet sharing” is now available to you between the Bluetooth and email+accounts menus.  At this point, you can configure the SSID and WPA2 passphrase.

As I write this, I am now connected through my mobile phone. reports my mobile connection speed through ATT as such:

Ping:  275ms       Download:  1.65 Mbps   Upload:  .24Mbps

Other notes:  DirectAccess and Exchange seem to work fine through wifi tethering.  Latency is not great, and speedtest thought I was in Nebraska, then southern California on another try (I am in Washington State).  I will keep an eye on my ATT account to see if they deem tethering this way as normal data usage, or decide to tack on an additional fee.